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FAQs Related to Entry Submission

Below are the frequently asked questions along with their answers related to submitting an entry for competitions on ZSQuest. If it does not answers your question, please send us an email at info@znsventures.com and we will get back to you ASAP with the response to your query.

Yes, you can submit entries in multiple categories, provided you fulfil the requirements to be a participant for that competition. For example, there may be competitions with age restrictions, in that case you should review the competition, if you fulfil the age limit, then you can submit entry. You should always review the competition details before submitting an entry. The good news is, if you will not be qualified to submit an entry, the algorithms at ZSQuest will not allow to submit the entry. So there is no chance of submitting an entry to a contest where your entry could be disqualified for such reasons.

You can track the status of your submissions by logging into your ZSQuest account at zsportal.com and navigating to your dashboard. You can find "my competition submissions" option under ZSQuest menu. This page lists the submissions you made for different competitions.

Entries should be submitted by the actual participant. It's important to ensure that the work is original and reflects the creator's talent.

Once an entry is submitted, it cannot be withdrawn. Make sure to review your submission before sending it in.