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Participation in ZSQuest Competitions (FAQs)

Welcome to our FAQs page, your destination for quick and comprehensive answers to the most common queries. We understand that information is essential, and we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with instant clarity.

To participate, simply browse through the available competitions on zsportal.com under ZSQuest menu, or at competitions page on ZSQuest website, choose the one that interests you, and submit your entry following the provided guidelines.

Yes, you can participate in multiple competitions at the same time, as long as they are within their submission periods.

ZSQuest is open to participants of all ages and backgrounds. However, competitions on ZSQuest could be created for different regions, institutions, schools, group of schools, classes and so on. Due to these categories and different requirements you can search using different criteria and can choose the one's where you can participate or interests you. There are a number of competitions created on ZSQuest which are open to all members, so make sure to check the details before entering.

Absolutely! ZSQuest is accessible globally, allowing participants from all corners of the world to join and showcase their creativity. This is one of the uses of our platform to break barriers and create competitions where people from different countries can compete. It also provides a great learning opportunity to the participants at ZSQuest.

Absolutely! ZSQuest welcomes participants from all backgrounds. Many competitions are designed to accommodate various talents, not just artistic skills.

Some competitions allow team entries, while others may require individual submissions. Check the competition guidelines for specific requirements.

ZSQuest welcomes participants of all ages, but certain competitions may have age-specific categories. Review the competition details for eligibility criteria.