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Institution Enrollment Process

Institutions can subscribe for the pre defined subscription plans offered by ZSQuest. Institutions can choose the package and take the following steps to subscribe for the plan.

Step 01:

ZSQuest is an integral part of ZSPortal.com. All users data is stored with ZSPortal.com. So, in first step create a user account at ZSPortal.com. The user account may be of an Institution Owner, Principal or another official from institution.

Step 02:

Once user is created on ZSPortal.com, user can login and Create a business profile. During business profile, user chooses a subdomain for the business, this subdomain is used as a key for your school records. User can pay for the subscription package once business profile is created.

Step 03:

Prepare the list of students for the enrollment program.

Step 04:

Prepare the excel file with students data as per attached templates for students account creation in the ZS Portal database.

Step 05:

Collect the payments as per chosen subscription plan. You can pay the payment using payment option at your dashboard on ZSPortal.com.

Step 06:

Once excel files are ready and payment is made using payment option at your dashboard at ZSPortal.com, email your excel files at info@znsventures.com.

Step 07 (ZSQuest):

Student's accounts will be created and ICs will be issued as per selected subscription package. The user accounts info will be communicated back to institution.

Step 08:

Institution communicate the login info to students. Students can then login and start submitting their entries for different contests throughout the year.


Attached are the template files that are required to be filled in with classes in institutions data and students data. Both files have the complete description of fields and the values they should contain. If you still have any questions, contact us by sending an email at info@znsventures.com


Once you are ready to proceed and enroll in the program, you can proceed to choose the package from available packages for school subscription plan. To view the packages click the button below.