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    • Rimsha
      • 2022/10/31

      Beggary is one of the humiliating ways adopted to earn money. Beggary in Pakistan is not that much of a need rather it has become a profession. Traffic signals, shopping areas, and the grounds of hospitals, mosques, and shrines are all popular spots for beggars. The problem is Peoples firmly believe that giving money to the poor will increase the chance of their prayers being heard. They never think about where their money might be going and whether they are actually helping the poor or supporting the corrupt mafia instead.
      Our religious practices such as Zakat, Sadqa and Fidiya especially promote this passion for helping the needy in society. Various social welfare organizations in the country and even our Madrasa system are totally dependent on charity and donations. Even though such social and religious practices do not make begging legal, and Islam discourages it, the criminal begging mafia takes advantage of people's spiritual beliefs. These professional beggars are involved in emotional and religious blackmail as they deceive people to portray themselves as helpless and needy, which they truly are not.

      Regarding law structure, beggary is illegal in Pakistan. IN 2011, Lahore High Court ruled that the Government should strictly enforce laws to discourage “professional beggary”, set up homes for the destitute, and improve the charity disbursements for the poorest. Similarly, Sindh Government imposed a ban on child beggary and directed the social welfare department to pick up beggar children and rehabilitate them in welfare centers. Helpline 1121 is also provided to inform authorities about beggars and their activities. But all in vain. In spite of these laws, due to the lack of adequate attention and funds by the government, neither any permanent step could be taken nor did these laws prove effective. Even if the police take action, these beggars are either silenced through bribes or released on bail after a month. Mostly, the police implement a take-away-from-the-scene strategy which is not a lasting solution to the problem.

      The curse of beggary cannot be ended by using typical methods such as; arrests, and temporary bans all of these like have proven futile.
      Firstly, its the duty of the government to take this kind of action, the government and NGOs must collaborate with each other in conducting surveys. Once this data comes to the fore, only then can work be done for the rehabilitation and employment of beggars and the real culprits be traced. To this end, the media must also play its due role in raising public awareness so that beggars are discouraged as much as possible and this criminal chain is broken. Moreover, the government should impose a complete ban as well as fines on giving money to beggars rather than offering them food, cloth, and work. Furthermore, the existing system of Zakat must be reactivated in our society.

      Beggary is a curse that should be eliminated at any cost. For this, strict laws and proper planning are required. Being poor is not a crime but fulfilling one’s needs through illegal means instead of hard work is a crime. If this single curse is eliminated, then many other problems emanating from this will also come to an end, which is much essential for the development and progress of our society.
      It's a very long and huge discussion but I would like to close this topic by quoting this Chinese proverb;
      That is; "if you really want to help the needy, teach him how to catch fish rather than give him fish".

      If you want to become part of the discussion! give suggestions in the comment section related to this topic...

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    • Madiha
      • 2022/10/22

      Roads are one of the basic concepts when idealizing a developed city because roads provide an easy and efficient means of transportation. It is a normal routine that road infrastructure needs maintenance.
      One of the bitter realities of our society is that we do not care about our city roads. The peoples! who take the tender of road construction are not fair with the whole agreement on
      which they signed.
      After some time roads completely destroyed in different places after rain and other natural disasters because of poor construction quality. This also causes severe damage to public transportation vehicles and increases their maintenance cost. The people who take contracts for the construction of roads should be responsible for the quality of materials and construction. There is a need to make separate routes for heavy traffic and take regular intervals for the maintenance of roads. These suggestions might be helpful for roads retaining for a long-term duration.

      If you have any ideas or suggestions about better development of roads infrastructure you can share with us...


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    • sania
      • 2022/10/21

      My dream location is to visit Azad Kashmir with my family. Travelling with family is lovely.
      The main attraction to visit these places are because of their famous slogan like heaven on earth. It is all due to the vibrant green valleys that compel you to never bat your eyes once you catch sight of it. It is a place of waterways, abundant lakes and a wildlife adventure to experience. This piece of the nation is renowned all around the world as high as mountains can be; lavish green valleys, powerful waterways, delightful lakes, and astonishing untamed life. Neelum Valley, Toli Pir, Pir Chinasi, Jhelum Valley are example of these attraction's. ToliPir is famous and beautiful resort on Top of hills, it has amazing views.

      Which Pakistani city is the next option on your visiting places list?
      You can share your thoughts, pictures and experience with us on this portal;

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    • sania
      • 2022/10/20

      Pakistan is full of natural beauty We can take little tiny steps for our beloved country as a member of Pakistani community to promote Tourism; Consider these different golden tips when communicating your community’s charm to increase tourism:
      1. Highlight the history and culture of your city because every place has its own unique history.
      2. Food is also a big way to represent culture of community, When promoting your city be sure to discuss local dishes and tasty flavor's to try them.
      3. Provide details of attractive spots to visitors. Be sure to describe details of the best seasons and times of day for visitors to capture the full essence of the landscape. Also, include any equipment that they should consider bringing or leaving behind while visit.
      4. Prepare gift items relevant to the tourist spots to take away beautiful memories along them when tourist go back to their countries/home. This will also motivate them to visit the place again.

      If you have any ideas and tips related to this topic kindly, share your suggestions with us on this Portal.


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    • Safeer Ali
      • 2022/08/19

      Aoa everyone,

      I want to highlight a topic which is very important, that is to clean the areas of the city around us. We should not litter around and keep every place neat and clean. We should think of the entire planet like our home and not only the house where we live.

      We should also teach our kids to do the same as they watch us and do what we do. They are our next generation and they must be the one's to show the world our values and what our religion teaches us. So let them be the good representative of our family, city, nation and religion.

      I wanted to ask community to share your thoughts and ideas on this and suggest how we can make our city clean.


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